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Cooper Thompson
Cooper Thompson

Unobtrusive Enchantment Glint ^HOT^

Fading Enchantment Glint Resource Pack (1.19.3, 1.18.2) mainly focuses on changing the enchantment glint to be less obtrusive by fading in and out and as a bonus, makes the enchantment table particles purple. This enchantment glint is especially useful for telling potions apart and will make it so your armor and tools are no longer constantly purple while still being obviously enchanted. All in all, this simple and reasonable pack is suitable for those who wish to experience glint changes on armor and items in Minecraft.

Unobtrusive Enchantment Glint





  • Ishita Pataliya
    Ishita Pataliya
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    Anaya Patel
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    Arya Bhatnagar
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